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Dell closes the doors on its Venue, planning new smartphones for late 2012

Dell Venue Pro Cropped Dell closes the doors on its Venue, planning new smartphones for late 2012

So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodnight! That is the song Dell is singing to US smartphone customers right now, having announced the discontinuation of its Venue and Venue Pro handsets, which could be equipped with either Windows Phone 7 or Android operating systems. Dell had already discontinued its Streak 5 phablet, and discontinued the Streak 7 at the end of 2011, leaving these two phones Dell’s only, well, venues, in the smartphone market.

Dell did not shut the door entirely, saying that it will introduce more mobile products in the US before the year is out, but failed to specify if that means smartphones, tablets, or what exactly. My guess would be some variation on the tablet—having done away with its netbook line, a Windows Phone/Windows 8 tablet could be just the ticket.

According to Jack Gold, principal analyst at J. Gold Associates, Dell is hitting the “reset button” on its smartphone and tablet business, saying that Dell’s limited marketing push made things difficult for it. “If you’re not a Motorola, RIM, or Apple, people won’t take you seriously,” he said.

Dell continues its sales of the Venues and Streaks outside the US, and no plans to nix them have been announced. Dell is down right now, but not out of the game entirely. Don’t be surprised to see a revamped Dell mobile series coming out in time for Christmas 2012.


The Dell Streak 5 is now available as a Government Issue device

DOD Dell streak5 560x229 The Dell Streak 5 is now available as a Government Issue deviceThe Pentagon has given its seal of approval to its first Android device, and the device doesn’t run Ice Cream Sandwich. Heck, it’s not even available commercially anymore! This is a rather unexpected move, seeing as how the Department of Defense (DOD) usually enjoys the privileges of having the latest and greatest toys–stuff that we couldn’t get our hands on even if we did have the needed gobs of cash.

The phone in question here is the Dell Streak 5. The reason for the DOD’s choice is reportedly the same as the reason for the phone’s name–it has a 5-inch screen. According to Dell’s John Marinho—the director of enterprise mobility solutions for Dell—because the Pentagon likes the form factor, Dell will supply it to them for an unspecified amount of time. He also mentioned that all the security features that make it Government Issue (GI) could be applied to other Android devices. This could mean that we’ll soon be seeing a newer, faster phone available as GI in the near future.

The GI version of the Streak 5 has several features built in to increase security. These are features such as the ability to transmit secure—unclassified only—messages, remote data wiping in case the device is stolen or lost, and the ability to hard lock the phone if somebody enters too many wrong passwords while trying to unlock the phone. Rounding out the special features are some extra administrative abilities, like the ability to remotely control peripherals and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA-a DOD partner) qualified security which is being provided by Good Technology’s Mobility Suite.

While I’m sure this is all very exciting for all you IT Admins out there who are hoping to get your hands on all this secured tech, to me it’s kind of creepy. If I worked at the Pentagon I would definitely keep my own personal device that never touches the DOD world.

[DefenseSystems via PhoneArena]

Microsoft delivers device-specific updates for T-Mobile HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro

HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro Microsoft delivers device specific updates for T Mobile HTC HD7 and Dell Venue ProMicrosoft has begun rolling out device-specific updates for the HTC HD7 and Dell Venue Pro Windows Phones on T-Mobile. These updates follow in the footsteps of last week’s device-specific updates for the Dell Venue Pro (AT&T), HTC Mozart, LG Optimus 7, and Samsung Omnia 7.

HTC HD7 device owners are claiming that the update fixes issues with the firmware and radio, based on the updated version numbers for the two (2250.21.30102.531 and, respectively). There could, however, be other improvements.

Meanwhile, Dell’s Chief Blogger Lionel Menchaca reports that Dell Venue Pro owners with T-Mobile should be catching up with their AT&T counterparts. The update fixes multiple issues with the handset, most importantly a problem where the WiFi locks up.

Additional device-specific updates will probably be rolled out as time goes on, but don’t worry if your handset isn’t on the list. Microsoft has stated that these updates fix issues with specific devices, so not all Windows Phones will require one. Those that do might notice improvements in such areas as battery life, call clarity, and touch responsiveness.

[WPCentral | Lionel Menchaca]

Microsoft begins rollout of device-specific updates for Windows Phone

Windows Phone Update Icons Microsoft begins rollout of device specific updates for Windows Phone

Microsoft has begun rolling out device-specific updates for various Windows Phones. The Redmond software giant briefly announced the existence of these updates on Tuesday. Within 24 hours, some devices starting prompting users to apply the update.

The Dell Venue Pro, HTC Mozart, LG Optimus 7, and Samsung Omnia 7 have all reportedly begun receiving updates. The firmware updates target certain aspects of specific devices, so they might differ from handset to handset. Some phones might not even need an update at all.

In his Tuesday post on the Windows Phone Blog, Microsoft’s Eric Hautala said that some of the improvements might revolve around such aspects as battery life, call clarity, and touch responsiveness. One LG Optimus 7 owner informed WinRumors that the update made the touchscreen faster and smoother. The Dell Venue Pro update, on the other hand, fixes multiple issues, including one where the WiFi locks up.

Unfortunately, Dell Venue Pro owners with T-Mobile will have to wait a bit longer. Lionel Menchaca, Dell’s Chief Blogger, has informed customers that the update for T-Mobile devices in the US has been delayed until next week.

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Microsoft to Unveil Windows Phone 7.5 Lineup on May 24?

Windows Phone Mango Partners Microsoft to Unveil Windows Phone 7.5 Lineup on May 24?

Recent rumors suggest that Microsoft might reveal the 2011 Windows Phone hardware lineup at their Mango event this week. The New York-based event, which is scheduled for May 24, will officially announce the Windows Phone 7.5 update, codenamed Mango. Many of the features included in Mango have been leaked over the last few weeks, but Microsoft might still have a few surprises up its sleeve.

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Dell Venue Pro vs HTC HD7

dell venue pro 04 560x420 Dell Venue Pro vs HTC HD7

If you are on T-Mobile and you have decided that you are going the route of Windows Phone 7, then this article is for you. The one thing I am really starting to appreciate about Windows Phone is that the deciding factor becomes the form factor and the quality of components. Well, almost. Continue reading…