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Fujitsu F-07C dual-boots Windows 7 and Symbian

Fujitsu F 07C Fujitsu F 07C dual boots Windows 7 and Symbian

There’s a new Windows-powered phone coming to Japan, but it doesn’t have the much-anticipated Windows Phone Mango update. In fact, it doesn’t have Windows Phone 7 at all. The Fujitsu F-07C, believe it or not, actually dual-boots Windows 7 and Symbian.

Dubbed the “world’s smallest PC,” the Fujitsu F-07C allows users to switch between “Mobile Phone Mode” and “Windows 7 Mode” with a single button press. Unfortunately, it can’t operate in Windows 7 Mode for very long, as the phone can only go about two hours on a single charge. This is due largely in part to the specs: a 1.2GHz Atom Z600 processor operating at 50% frequency, 1GB of RAM, a 4-inch 1024 x 600 screen, and 32GB of internal memory.

The handset is now available on Japan’s NTT DOCOMO, Inc. carrier. It comes with Internet Explorer 9, two years of Microsoft Office 2010, and support for all of DOCOMO’s usual features such as Osaifu-Keitai, i-mode mail, and i-concier. Of course, Symbian is a dying OS and Windows 7 wasn’t exactly designed for smartphones.

Those looking for an actual Fujitsu Windows Phone will have to wait for the Fujitsu-Toshiba IS12T, which is rumored to be announced on July 27.

[Fujitsu via Engadget]

IDC keeps Windows Phone in second place by 2015

IDC Logo 560x224 IDC keeps Windows Phone in second place by 2015

IDC shocked technology enthusiasts around the world by predicting that Windows Phone would surge from a low single-digit market share to more than 20% in just a few short years. The following weeks brought forth similar claims from two more analyst groups: Gartner and Pyramid Research. More than a few people scoffed at these numbers, but IDC’s latest report backs up their original claim.

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Nielson Releases Q1 Report on Mobile OS Usage

Nielson Smartphone Data Usage 560x539 Nielson Releases Q1 Report on Mobile OS Usage

According to Nielson’s latest report, which covers mobile operating system usage for the first quarter of 2011, Android continues to hold the lead in market share and data usage. The other platforms, however, aren’t too far behind, with Windows Phone doing well in the gaming and music categories.

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Nokia Reiterates Promise to Release First Windows Phone This Fall

Nokia Slide 560x305 Nokia Reiterates Promise to Release First Windows Phone This Fall

At the Mango event last week, Microsoft revealed that Nokia would release its first Windows Phones alongside the Mango update this fall. Nokia reiterated this promise in a press release this morning containing their quarterly outlook.

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Samsung Focus Named Best Smartphone, Windows Phone Receives Honorable Mention

PC Mag Survey 560x257 Samsung Focus Named Best Smartphone, Windows Phone Receives Honorable Mention

According to PC Mag’s Reader’s Choice Awards 2011, people love Windows Phone. While it was beat out by iOS, Windows Phone managed to outscore it in multiple areas, even taking home an honorable mention. The Samsung Focus, however, managed to take first place in the best smartphone category.

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Windows Phone Sold 1.6 Million in Q1 2011, Says Gartner

Gartner 560x127 Windows Phone Sold 1.6 Million in Q1 2011, Says Gartner

According to Gartner, Windows Phone sold 1.6 million units in the first quarter of 2011. That number doesn’t blow the competition away, but Windows Phone is still a fairly new platform. As Paul Thurrott said, “hopefully this will put the “160,000” baloney to bed for good.”

Gartner’s last report predicted that Windows Phone would be in the number two spot by 2015, an estimate that IDC shares. Pyramid Research, a third analyst, believes that Windows Phone will actually surpass Android to take the lead by 2013. How is this possible? Microsoft’s recent deal with Nokia, of course.

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IDC pegs Android as #1, Windows at #2

IMG 20110329 150301 560x335 IDC pegs Android as #1, Windows at #2

The IDC (International Data Corporation) has predicted the global mobile phone market for the next 5 years, and don’t worry Android users, you guys are #1 in their hearts. Global shipments are expected to climb about 50% over that time, and Windows Phone is expected to see a massive increase in market share due primarily to the partnership with their Friends across the pond, Nokia. Supposedly iOS and Blackberry market share is expected to be stagnant over this time period, which is interesting due to the launch of the iPhone on Verizon. WebOS is listed under the “others.” Of course, this is the same group that projected Symbian to still dominate, but hey, mistakes happen. Hit the break for the press release from IDC.

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Firefox 4 out for mobile/tablet users

Fullscreen capture 3292011 23213 PM.bmp 560x335 Firefox 4 out for mobile/tablet users

The ever popular Firefox browser has been launched for Android and the Nokia N900 mobile platforms today. This brings a host of improvements including desktop sync, add ons, themes, tabbed browsing and more. The Mozilla team is also pulling out the speed boost claim, saying they are now over “three times faster than the stock browser on Android.” Not that I want to call them out, but on my Motorola XOOM it can’t keep up with the stock Honeycomb browser. It also crashed on the second site I pulled up, as well as image and text rendering seemed to be blockier and less smooth. But heh, your mileage may very.

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Symbian is Still Rolling

nokia x1 00 entry level phone 0 300x300 Symbian is Still Rolling

For those of you traditional phone lovers, the ones that don’t see a point to a phone doing much more than making phone calls and staying charged for “real use,” today is your luck day.  Pocket Lint is reporting Nokia’s nex X1-00 that gives users “the maximum boom-per-buck with special hardware features for users in growth markets.” The new phone is designed for users in who need up to 61 days of standby when fully charged.  Pretty impressive stuff, but what else does it offer?

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Microsoft and Nokia Announce Windows Phone Partnership

Nokia Windows Phone Microsoft and Nokia Announce Windows Phone Partnership

Microsoft and Nokia announced plans for a strategic partnership earlier today.  As part of the deal, Nokia will begin phasing out Symbian in favor of Windows Phone 7.  The transition is estimated to take roughly a year or two, but Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says the two companies have been working on this for a while.  In fact, concept art for Nokia’s first Windows Phone has already hit the internet (previous concept art).  If the rumors are to be believed, the first devices should arrive on the market sometime in 2012.

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