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Review: HTC TITAN (AT&T)

DSC00742 Review: HTC TITAN (AT&T)

For those that may not have been paying attention to mobile trends over the last couple of years, bigger most certainly screams better. Or at least that’s what the owners of the HTC HD2, EVO, and HD7 will have you believe. Make no mistake about it, the biggest point to drive home in regards to the HTC TITAN is the 4.7-inch screen size. Sure, it may have a backside-illuminated sensor for the 8MP shooter, but don’t let any of those things get in the way, as the big draw for this monster phone from HTC is the monster display running Windows Phone. Hit the break for a full rundown on the new–and almost outdated–phone from HTC. Continue reading…

Review: HTC Radar 4G (T-Mobile)

HTC Radar 4G Unboxing 21 560x416 Review: HTC Radar 4G (T Mobile)

When HTC unveiled its second generation Windows Phone handsets on September 1, we knew they were something special. The TITAN’s massive screen wowed readers and garnered lots of press, but the Radar’s beautiful silvery-white design had an unmistakable allure. The Taiwanese manufacturer later announced that the TITAN would be making its way to AT&T in the US, while the slightly smaller Radar would be made available on T-Mobile with the 4G suffix attached.

We had our first chance to go hands-on with T-Mobile’s newest Windows Phone at the HTC Radar 4G launch party in San Francisco on November 2. We came away impressed, despite our limited time with the device. Now, having spent a few weeks using it on a daily basis, we feel it is time to deliver the final verdict. Is the HTC Radar 4G worth picking up? Read on to find out.

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Lightning Review: Eventful for Windows Phone

084 560x280 Lightning Review: Eventful for Windows Phone

The weekend is here, and why not hit up a concert? That’s what the developers of Eventful aim to do for users of their WP7 app. Hit the jump to see whether all of this concert information is beneficial to you, or keep watching the YouTube vids of your favorite artists and keep wishing you were there. Continue reading…

HTC 7 Surround Review

DSC01799 560x420 HTC 7 Surround Review Recently, I got my paws on the HTC 7 Surround, a Windows Phone aimed at audiophiles with its glorious Dolby Digital surround sound speakers. I have had this phone for about a week, and I have to say I am quite impressed with Windows Phone 7. Like all current Windows Phones, it offers Xbox Live integration, Zune, and a neat and interesting Metro User Interface (UI). You also get the marketplace with a semi-decent selection of third-party applications. How well did things go for me? Let’s find out!

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App Review: Metro UI

device1 App Review: Metro UI Metro UI. The sleek, simple, and live-tiled interface for Windows Phone 7. While many Android users shoot it down for lack of customization, I have to say I like it. While I love the customization Android has to offer, Metro UI is very pretty. While it may not have deep integration with the OS, like WP7, it does its best to deliver a look and feel, with a few extra tools for customization. Let’s dig into this! Continue reading…

App Review: Beer Reference

009 App Review: Beer Reference

Windows Phone beer drinkers, feel free to crack one open for this review.  We are going to dive into the world of beer.  Smaller breweries have been popping up all over the states for the last decade or so, and increasingly brining new flavors and ways to brew beer.  Throw in the centuries old breweries from Germany, Austria and the rest of the world, and the beer market can be a mind blowing place.   Now maybe it’s because of my German heritage, or just the fact they taste so darn good, but I want to try as many beers as possible.  With a simple app on your phone to guide you, it’s becoming easier than ever.

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App Review: Words With Friends

snap20110214 214723 180x300 App Review: Words With FriendsWe all love playing video games on our smartphones. Lots of people also like multiplayer games. Combine that with the concept of scrabble, and you have guaranteed fun. Words With Friends is a popular game on iOS, and has now come to Android! It’s by Zynga, and is tons of fun. But how does the app work? That’s what I am here to find out!

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WP7 App Review:

005 5 560x372 WP7 App Review:

The ever popular retail site launched their new app for Windows Phone 7 today.  Seeing as they have had the Kindle app out since launch, so this was pretty much expected.  Amazon already has both the shopping and the Kindle reading app available for iOS, Android, and RIM.  The shopping (and reading) applications on the other platforms are excellent, so how does it fare for WP7?  Let’s find out.

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App Review: TV Show Favs

device 180x300 App Review: TV Show FavsImagine the situation: You have a crazy busy life. You’ve got a job, school, and a social life. You really love to watch TV, but you can’t remember when your favorite TV shows come on. You do_not_ have a DVR you can easily program. What do you do? Well, you’re pretty much screwed; or so you think. Introducing TV Show Favs, an application dedicated to delivering you your favorite TV show schedules. How does this application settle with me? What can you expect from it? Let’s find out!

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Wrap it before you tap it; an in-depth look at the Incipio Silicrylic

Written by: Jason Kresge, Photos by: Joanna M. Kresge

Typically, product reviews for smart phone cases relate only for that specific phone, however some companies adapt their one product across numerous devices – the Incipio Silicrylic is one such product. Today we’ll be looking at the Incipio Silicrylic on three devices; the HTC Droid Incredible, the iPhone 3G, and the iPhone 4.

The Incipio Silicrylic is a two-part case – the inner layer is a durable silicone, while the outer layer is a plastic shell. In theory, this gives you the benefits of each style of case. The silicone offers better shock absorption, but the plastic cases offer better looks (due to being molded to any design), and a better fit in the pocket due to not gripping the cloth. The Incipio Silicrylic, and other cases like it, such as the Seidio Active, manage this balance very well. You truly do get the better shock absorption from the inner silicone layer, and the better pocketability of the plastic shell from the outer layer. We’ve also seen from companies like Speck that an outer shell can be made to look attractive with the Candy Shell line as an example. However, you do lose some utility, as the Incipio Edge line is a two-piece where the bottom third slides off to allow for docking when needed. You can’t get this functionality on a two-material case.

So, how does the Incipio Silicrylic stack up as a case? It is durable, very durable. Even though the silicone feels thin and flimsy compared to other silicone cases, and the plastic shell is an ultra thin skeleton, both parts seem to last. My wife has used the Silicrylic on her iPhone 3G since 2008. The case’s reliability caused her to buy again for her iPhone 4, as well as caused me to consider it for my HTC Droid Incredible. The one knock that we both have is that the plastic case has a matte layer that can chip. Unlike the peeling of the Seidio Active, however, this is only noticeable under close inspection.

baby tested baby approved 199x300 Wrap it before you tap it; an in depth look at the Incipio Silicrylic
We put the Incipio Silicrylic through rigorous testing.

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