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Six Windows Phone games discounted for Black Friday

Windows Phone Black Friday Sale Six Windows Phone games discounted for Black Friday

Microsoft has discounted six hot Windows Phone games for Black Friday, and most of them are must-haves. All six of the titles have been dropped to $1.99 for the next week, which has resulted in savings of between 33% and 60%.

Personally, I’d highly recommend Mush, and Carcassonne is a very addicting board game which has since been turned into a video game. Carcassonne is particularly notable because it was released just a few short weeks ago, right before the launch of Windows Phone 8. The rest of the games on sale are just as great.

While the sale pricing doesn’t appear to be live just yet in the United States, you shouldn’t have to wait too long. The Black Friday sale is expected to run up through November 26.


Review: Samurai vs Zombies

Allow me to introduce you to my favorite mobile game. No, it’s not Angry Birds, Words with Friends, or Draw Something. My absolute favorite game—with all of its faults and brilliant moments—is Glu Mobile’s SAMURAI vs ZOMBIES. The game has been out for some time now, but for those of you unfamiliar, SvZ is an action-packed side scrolling take on the tower defense concept. Just this week we welcomed a massive update, now allowing you to choose your side. Previously, the only play option was fighting left to right as a samurai defender. Now, you can fight right to left as an undead samurai attacker, with all new powers and characters.

In SvZ, you control a samurai, protector of the Sacred Gate. You move from left to right, slaying zombies as you go. The zombies spew out of—as far as I can tell—Hell itself, which happens to be located a few seconds’ jog from the Sacred Gate. Whatever happened to location, location, location? But I digress. Controls are simple: tap and hold in the direction you wish to move, tap and release to use various powers or summon allies, your character will auto-attack any zombies in range with first his bow and arrow, and then his sword.

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Rovio releases Amazing Alex on iOS and Android, Windows Phone to follow soon

Rovio, often known as simply the “Angry Birds studio,” has released its latest title on Android and iOS: Amazing Alex. The game revolves around a collection of 100 Rube Goldberg puzzles, leveraging the company’s experience with physics games. Amazing Alex also includes a level editor, allowing players to create their own puzzles with the same 35 fully interactive objects used in the main game.

The first game from Rovio not part of the Angry Birds franchise, Amazing Alex is actually based on Casey’s Contraptions, which Rovio acquired the rights to earlier this year. It’s not, however, a simple re-release. Rovio has made a number of tweaks and improvements to the game in the time since the IP was brought into the fold.

Amazing Alex is currently available on Android and iOS, but Rovio plans to release it on Windows Phone, PC, and Mac post-launch. The Android version of the game is split into three versions (trial, premium and HD) on both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore for Android.

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In the month of the mega-games, Temple Run hits 1 million downloads

Month of the Uber Games 560x229 In the month of the mega games, Temple Run hits 1 million downloads

Year of the Dragon? How about month of the Android gaming apps? Long-awaited Temple Run was released just three days ago, and has already hit one million downloads, with the line graph still pointing straight up. That makes just under four downloads per second! Imangi Studios’ runaway hit is quickly jumping up the charts, nimbly swiping away Scramble With Friends and Angry Birds while sliding into 5th place in Free Apps on Google Play.

But Temple Run isn’t the only upstart this month. Creating a massive following this month is OMGPOP’s Draw Something, who just recently lost the #1 spot on Google Play to Angry Birds Space. But in our scramble—sorry, couldn’t resist—to try out these awesome new games, Zynga’s latest hit has somehow been lost in the fray.

Scramble With Friends, released March 15, had been enjoying rightfully earned high rankings on Google Play, with a 4.5/5 star rating after nearly 70k ratings, and also having over a million downloads. But it has been ousted from the top five by Temple Run. And Words With Friends? What’s that?

All this begs two questions of my mind. First, what will the Android gaming realm look like at the end of April? Will any—or will all—of these games break 50 million downloads? Second, is it just me, or does it seem that gaming is the primary use for smartphones these days? I’ve recently had conversations with several newly Android-endowed friends, and their responses have all been “I can’t wait to try out ___ game!”

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iStunt 2 released on Windows Phone

iStunt 2 Banner iStunt 2 released on Windows Phone

This week’s premium new release on Windows Phone is iStunt 2, a popular snowboarding game from Miniclip. The game, which is already available on other platforms, allows you to perform stunts while speeding down the slopes. Collect stars and land safely to increase your score. In many ways, iStunt 2 reminds us of Krashlander, a Windows Phone indie game.

Hit the slopes for some serious shredding in the most fun snowboarding game ever created! To survive you will have to perform impossible stunts, dodge deadly saws and do incredible jumps in a world where gravity laws have been broken!

Combining outstanding physics, amazingly responsive controls and beautiful retina graphics, iStunt 2 is one of the most fun and original games on Windows Phone 7. With loads of exciting and devilishly tricky levels, iStunt 2 guarantees you many hours of fun. Free your mind in this mind-blowing action-packed adventure pushing the adrenaline to the limit!

The third game from Miniclip, iStunt 2 joins Fragger and Gravity Guy on the Windows Phone Marketplace. And like Gravity Guy, iStunt 2 allows you to unlock customizations via in-game currency or micro-transactions. It also boasts ragdoll physics, changes in gravity, and a variety of other elements to vary the gameplay. Like all Miniclip games, iStunt 2 can also be played online.

iStunt 2 iStunt 2 released on Windows PhoneiStunt 2
Publisher: Miniclip
Price: $2.99 (free trial available)
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Puzzle Quest 2 is this week’s Windows Phone deal

Deal of the Week 2 560x109 Puzzle Quest 2 is this weeks Windows Phone deal

The hit color-matching game with an RPG twist, Puzzle Quest 2, has once again been selected as the Windows Phone Deal of the Week. This is the title’s second stint in the DOTW program, and its third time on sale overall.

Puzzle Quest 2 manages to turn a simple match-three-colored-objects game into a full-blown RPG, complete with a fantasy-inspired plot, dialog, a world map, and various powers and abilities. If you don’t already have the game, it’s worth picking up; especially at the current $4.99 price tag.

Escape to a puzzle game fantasy world filled with amazing creatures, powerful weapons, and addictive role playing in this sequel to the award-winning Puzzle Quest.

Pioneered on the Xbox 360, the Windows Phone Deal of the Week program features a new discounted game every week. Deals go into effect on Wednesday mornings and expire on Tuesday evenings.

Puzzle Quest 2 Puzzle Quest 2 is this weeks Windows Phone dealPuzzle Quest 2
Developer: Namco Bandai Games
Sale Price: $4.99 (30% off)
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Rovio is on a roll, adds 12 levels to Angry Birds Rio

AngryBirdsRioBonus 560x274 Rovio is on a roll, adds 12 levels to Angry Birds Rio

Rovio has been more than a little busy as of late. The megastar mobile game developer just released the fourth iteration of its Angry Birds franchise—the first to be offered in HD or ad-free premium formats on Google Play—at the end of last week, to roaring success. Not one to rest on its laurels, Rovio has just released an update to its Angry Birds Rio game, adding 12 new bonus levels, and announcing that, unexpectedly, more updates are coming forthwith.

The dozen new levels are your typical “bonus” fare. You don’t have to pay for it per say, but it isn’t exactly free either. There are new levels attached to each of Rio’s episodes, requiring you to either finish all the levels in an episode or collect all the fruit in an episode. If you want all 12, you will have to finish all levels and collect all of the fruit to do so. Tricksy hobbitses. A testament to Rovio’s programing prowess, no fixes or enhancements were necessary with this update—it is an all-play, no-work agreement.

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Zynga buys OMGPOP, maker of Draw Something

Draw Something 560x274 Zynga buys OMGPOP, maker of Draw Something

I do not think the phrase “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” has ever been more appropriately applied than in the case of OMGPOP and gaming giant Zynga. In case you have somehow not noticed, OMGPOP’s Draw Something has just taken the mobile world by storm, setting records and sitting at #1 pretty much everywhere on Android and iOS. It is currently the Top Paid, Top Free, and Top Grossing app on Google Play, with 35 million downloads in the last 6 weeks on the platforms combined.

Zynga approached this threat the way any self-respecting, financially prudent organization would handle an impressive upstart—by plunking down a cool $200 million to buy them out. This is an as-of-yet unofficial figure, with the anonyms-citing Dow Jones reporting $200-$250 million and AllThingsD citing “people with firsthand knowledge” at $180 million plus $30 million in employee retention payments.

Either way, Zynga looks to gain 40 employees at OMGPOP’s New York headquarters, where it will continue working on new games, but with a heavy focus on its current megastar. This is quite understandable, considering that more unnamed sources are reporting a net income of $250,000 per day for the six year old company.

For those worried about Draw Something getting canceled, or OMGPOP getting dismembered, sit back and take a deep breath. It is a stated part of Zynga’s strategy to buy other developers and capitalize on their successes, not destroy them. As far as OMGPOP goes, its CEO Dan Porter had this to say: “The game will stay true to you and what you love, and it’s my solemn vow that the magic of Draw Something will not change…” You may now continue drawing.

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Glow Artisan is this week’s Windows Phone deal, Tentacles gets cheaper

Deal of the Week 2 560x109 Glow Artisan is this weeks Windows Phone deal, Tentacles gets cheaper

Microsoft has discounted Glow Artisan, an addicting color puzzle game, for the second time in the title’s history. It’s an extremely fun game, but the release also coincides with a 40% permanent price drop for Tentacles, one of our favorite Xbox LIVE-enabled titles and a Windows Phone exclusive to boot. Tentacles also recently received 80MSP ($0.99) DLC recently, further extending the gameplay.

Powerhead Games rebuilds their critically acclaimed Glow Artisan specifically for Windows Phone 7. Glow Artisan is a unique, easy-to-learn puzzle game offering deep gameplay. Players will have to use their wits and ingenuity to solve over 80 colorful puzzles ranging in difficulty from simple to maddening.  Glow Artisan features over 150 medals to earn. Plus, players can create new puzzles from scratch with the built-in editor, or take photos from their phone and turn them into puzzles!

Pioneered on the Xbox 360, the Windows Phone Deal of the Week program features a new discounted game every week. Deals go into effect on Wednesday mornings and expire on Tuesday evenings.

Microsoft is also giving customers the ability to vote on their choice for one of the Deals of the Week in April. Deer Hunter, Doodle God, Earthworm Jim, and ZOMB1ES on teh ph0ne are all candidates. To choose your favorite, just head on over to the Spotlight section of the Games Hub or visit As of this writing, ZOMB1ES on teh ph0ne is in the lead with over one third of the vote.

Glow Artisan Glow Artisan is this weeks Windows Phone deal, Tentacles gets cheaperGlow Artisan
Developer: Powerhead Games
Price: $1.99 (33% off)
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PES 2012 released on Windows Phone

PES 2012 PES 2012 released on Windows Phone

Get ready soccer fans–or football, for those of you outside the US–Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2012 has arrived on Microsoft’s mobile OS as this week’s Xbox LIVE-enabled title. The game features an “unrivaled football experience on Windows Phone 7″–probably because it’s the only officially-licensed soccer experience on the platform, especially after PES 2011 was delisted from the Marketplace.

The unrivalled and award-winning football simulation is entering a new season on Windows Phone 7! Immerse yourself in unprecedented football atmosphere and the true PES experience with PES 2012.

The word “unrivaled” could be used to describe the number of times it is used in the official description, but Konami is touting the game’s realism, stunning graphics, UEFA Club Competitions, and Xbox LIVE features. The game is very well made, but we found it to be somewhat complicated for players unfamiliar with the rules and regulations of soccer. That being said, the game should please fans of the sport.

PES 2012 icon PES 2012 released on Windows PhonePES 2012
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Price: $4.99 (free trial available)
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