Lightning Review: Eventful for Windows Phone

084 560x280 Lightning Review: Eventful for Windows Phone

The weekend is here, and why not hit up a concert? That’s what the developers of Eventful aim to do for users of their WP7 app. Hit the jump to see whether all of this concert information is beneficial to you, or keep watching the YouTube vids of your favorite artists and keep wishing you were there.

What is it?

The official Eventful app helps you find concerts and shows in your area to bring you the best in entertainment. Tour dates for artists, venues, and events are all readily available at your fingertips. You can search shows that are within walking distance as well as search in nearby cities if you feel up for a drive. Eventful also scans your music on your phone to give you a listed of recommended artists that you might like based on your library. All of this is just a tap away.

The Good

Eventful packs a decent amount of information for events onto your phone. You have access to most, if not all of the events taking place in your city (and others) coming in the near future. Directions to events are just a tap away and are powered by the native Bing maps application.

Navigating the app is also fairly easy and straightforward with a swipe of the finger letting you see which events are going on today, this week, this weekend, your suggested events, and flagged events (ones that you want to attend). A single search button lies on the bottom row of the app, something we should see in more of in Mango. Personally, I’d much rather use the default search button on the phone itself rather than a soft key onscreen, but that’s a Microsoft issue.

The not so good

While Eventful does follow Windows Metro UI, the design is amazingly boring. An all black background with artist or event thumbnails in list view doesn’t scream effort from the eventful developers. This is one of the few times I have been completely put off from a legit Windows Phone application. Like it or not, eye candy works. Especially with Windows Phone. Perhaps a background image with concert goers would spruce up the look, among others. It’s not a deal breaker, but it is frustrating seeing their iOS app, which doesn’t compare.

Take away the boring interface, the rest of the app seems cluttered with garbage. It’s easy to search for an artist, which helps. I just don’t like scrolling through an Applebee’s listing because they’re advertising karaoke night. Nor do I want to see information for open mic at a recording studio. While that might appeal to some, I don’t feel it deserves a spot among actual performers and events. Make it a sub-section instead. There seems to be plenty of these non-advertisements which actually advertise a semi-related event. Think of it as spam.

If we get beyond these issues though and actually pull up a concert we want to attend, you’d want to be able to purchase tickets to the event. Maybe this will get worked out with in-app purchases (if Microsoft ever allows it), but instead you get directed to their website. It’s unfortunately another aspect that tends to bring down the overall experience.

The Bottom Line

The Eventful app for Windows Phone isn’t as bad as it seems. There are plenty of things to like about the app, such as the event information it brings as well as the quick access to venue directions. At the current state it’s in (1.1), I still recommend it, but it needs some work. A bottom bin Metro look isn’t good enough to be a definite keeper, especially with the Windows Market heating up with developers. If you love music and are always looking for weekend enjoyment, it’s a helpful pickup. I just wouldn’t pull it out to show your iOS buddies.

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