How Microsoft Research Developed the Windows Phone Keyboard

Keyboard Touch Points How Microsoft Research Developed the Windows Phone Keyboard

The virtual keyboard on Windows Phone is excellent. Some even call it the best “soft” keyboard on any smartphone. But it didn’t happen by chance. It was created by Microsoft Research, the brains behind many impressive technologies, including Kinect.

A new article on the Microsoft Research website describes how they built a better keyboard. The article gets a little technical, but it gives readers some great background on the subject. Find out how Microsoft Research and the Windows Phone team solved the problem of fat fingers on a small screen, how Windows Phone determines what you really intend to type, and more. It also reveals how they use the game Text Text Revolution! to collect data on typing patterns. This fascinating article is highly recommended.

It also contains an interesting piece of information: “In upcoming releases, the keypad even will take into account the speed at which a person is attempting to type.” The virtual keyboard is already great. Mango, hopefully, will make it even better.

Source: Microsoft Research

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Caesar on May 7, 2011 11:40 AM

This is, indeed, a piece of witchcraft whoever sees in action would acknowledge. I still have to discover how was that they manage such labor! Oh well, lets just enjoy it…

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