Meet Your Match is the new Smoked By Windows Phone

With Windows Phone 8 devices now available in stores, Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph has once again taken to the streets to challenge people and their smartphones. This new campaign, dubbed “Meet Your Match,” takes the hugely popular “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge to a more personal level, rather than one based purely on speed.

“The soul of Smoked – a side-by-side comparison of us vs. the other guys – hasn’t changed,” Rudolph wrote in a post on the Windows Phone Blog, ”but now it’s about why our phones and features are a better match for you, no matter who you are or what you’re into.” This, of course, is the main focus of Windows Phone 8, which Microsoft claims is the “most personal smartphone around.”

As with “Smoked by Windows Phone” before it, you’ll be able to ”Meet your Match” at Microsoft Stores around the US, as well as in the UK, France, and Germany. Anyone who participates in the challenge at a Microsoft Store will also receive $25 toward any order of $75 or more.

I really like the direction that Microsoft is taking with “Meet your Match.” And, since the results are based on personal preference rather than seconds or milliseconds, it’ll be less likely to generate the type of controversy that Smoked experienced at one point.

[Windows Phone Blog]

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