T-Mobile memo leaks, $5 data price hikes imminent

Screen Shot 2012 03 26 at 4.11.44 PM 660x414 560x351 T Mobile memo leaks, $5 data price hikes imminent

Everyone loves a deal… except when subsidies come into play. T-Mobile’s CMO has publicly stated his distaste for subsidies, and it would appear that physical changes are being made to that end. According to the above internal memo obtained by TmoNews, T-Mobile will be adding on another $5 apiece for its 5GB Premium and 10GB Ultra subsidized data plans on April 4.

Be not dismayed, current customer, this price hike will not involve you, but if you’ve been waiting to get a T-Mobile data plan, doing so before April 4 would be most prudent. Otherwise, if you so desire, you can forego the “$50-$350 OFF!”, which really only saves you money if you were absolutely going to sign a contract anyway, and sign up for a Value plan, which offers the same services for soon-to-be $10 less.

Frankly, I would be happy to see carriers do away with subsidies, instead giving us non-inflated retail prices. But unless it becomes outlawed, or wrongdoing is discovered, that is unlikely to happen this millennia, as subsidies tend to bring in lots of customers. After all, there’s nothing like a “free” phone to drum up business.

Before you go and take the plunge in the next week, a few words of caution. Remember, subsidies are offered for a reason, being that the companies more than make the money back with your two years of monthly payments. And while this information appears credible, and is from a reliable source, we are dangerously close to April 1, so right now is a good time to keep wary in the technology realm.


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