Glu Mobile unleashes more zombies on Google Play, sends Samurai to defend village


Glu Mobile is one of the better and more well-known Android game developers, having earned the title of Top Developer on Google Play. Glu’s latest game, Samurai vs. Zombies Defense (SvZ), might be my favorite of its catalog on Android so far. SvZ is a fresh and fulfilling mix of side-scrolling game and tower defense game.

You control a heroic samurai defending a small village from the attacking horde of zombies. There are no advanced—read: hard to use on a touchscreen—fight controls. If you’re close to a zombie, your samurai will automatically slash with his blade; if you’re a little farther away you will shoot arrows at them with your bow—as simple as it gets.

You also have a variety of sidekicks, weapons, and power-ups at your disposal. Some require purchasing, others a particular level. This is an addiction marketing style game, meaning that the goal is to get you hooked and then constantly present you with offers to buy coins, of which there are two types, with which you can buy the various bonuses.

Possibly the most important feature here is the price—free. With that as a starting point you can only go up, right? Gameplay is quite fun and decently addicting. Ads exist heavily, but never in gameplay—a trend that I whole-heartedly wish other developers would follow. While the game is free, your data plan probably is not, and this game will use a significant amount with its secondary download weighing in at 149MB. For a game of this quality and with the excellent animation, I found it worth the cost in data.

[Google Play via Android Police]

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