Power Amp hits 15 million downloads-$1.99 till Sunday

Poweramp 560x274 Power Amp hits 15 million downloads $1.99 till Sunday

Poweramp is among the very best music players for mobile, and this is no secret. Poweramp is currently rated at 4.6/5 stars on the Android Market, after over 100,000 ratings and 15 million downloads. If that’s not enough, it is currently the #1 paid music app, and #5 overall. Naturally, this has made the Poweramp development team very excited, and as such a party is currently being thrown. From noon yesterday until Noon on Sunday (CST), Poweramp will be marked down to $1.99 from $4.99. The sale was originally $2.99, but thanks to the overwhelming response, another dollar was taken off. This sale will be the only one of its kind this year. So if you’ve been holding off due to price, what are you waiting for?

There is a massive list of product features here, starting with support for an impressive 11 file types, moving on to a bunch of mixing tools, in-app lyrics, four customizable widgets, scrobbling, and headset support including automatic resume on headset/Bluetooth reconnection. Obviously these are not all exclusives, but the Android community seems to think Poweramp to be the best arrangement of features, at least among the best. And who doesn’t love a 60+% off sale?

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