Google Chrome for Android sees its first update, says goodbye to custom ROMs

Chrome for Android beta 560x274 Google Chrome for Android sees its first update, says goodbye to custom ROMsChrome for Android (Beta) hasn’t been out for even a month yet and it already has its first update. Software version 0.16.4215.215 brings a few new and improved features, not the least of which is Android Beam support. Android Beam + Chrome for Android will allow you to beam URLs from Chrome to other devices with your NFC-enabled phone. I think I would define this feature as “nifty.” Perhaps someday over the rainbow it’ll be commonplace, but for now it’s a slightly gimmicky step in the right direction.

Continuing through the change log, we have support for some new countries-Chrome for Android is now available in 32 countries and seven languages. Unfortunately you must still have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. What’s worse is a little item that Google is describing as “Compatibility checks to ensure system prerequisites for Chrome are met.”

Based on user feedback and my innate sense to read between the lines, this means that any custom ICS ROMs previously able to run Chrome will no longer be able to after updating. So given that the only other announced fix is the ever ubiquitous “essential bug fixes,” you may want to consider holding off on updating if you’re running CyanogenMod or something similar.

[Android Market | Google via Android Police]

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