All T-Mobile 4G phones free with contract this Saturday

T Mobile one day sale 560x250 All T Mobile 4G phones free with contract this Saturday

Not to be out-done by Verizon’s weekend promotional blitz, T-Mobile has its own set of pre-Valentine’s deals. T-Mobile is starting the weekend early with deals on at least two phones ending tonight, while others end on February 10, and yet others start on February 10.

The ones ending tonight are the Nokia Lumia 710 in either white or black for free with a 2-year contract and the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G. So hit those up online before 11:59 PDT if Windows Phone or 4G is your thing. You can check out the rest of T-Mobile’s selection of free phones at this link.

Moving into the actual weekend we have T-Mobile’s one-day Valentine’s Day Sale this Saturday, February 11. A large number of T-Mobile’s 4G phones will be free for that one day only. T-Mobile’s marketing is focused on its 4G smartphones, but a whole slew of phones will be free this Saturday.

The one-day sale is available to any new or “eligible” existing customers, so if you’re only on year one of two, you’re out of luck, sorry. If you are a new customer or past the two-year mark, then the only stipulations are that you sign a two-year contract for a “Classic” or an “Unlimited Value” plan. Oh, and be prepared to put down as much as $399.99 and wait for a mail-in rebate. Ouch.

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