Japanese carrier KDDI putting ads on some Android users’ notification bars

KDDI Ads 560x418 Japanese carrier KDDI putting ads on some Android users notification bars

I understand that we live in a world powered by advertising—it is how I make a paycheck after all—but the idea of having ads pop up in my notification bar and cause my phone to ring and vibrate is just abhorrent. Sadly, this is what some KDDI users are reporting.

I don’t speak a lick of Japanese, but from what I can decipher thanks to the wonders of Google Translate, the ads were added in an OTA update about two updates ago. Users were actually given a choice between viewing the ads or not. As is expected the giant ‘Click Here’ button for the new update allowed ads, while clicking a line of text above the button that read ‘click here if you don’t want to see ads’ was required to disallow them.

No word as to what the non-ad options are, if any. The ads seem to be from/for KDDI’s in-house app market, which was recently added for its selection of Android phones. Even though the ads are mostly text and you can—theoretically at least—opt-out, I consider ads in the notification bar to be nothing short of a personal invasion. But then, I think that of free carrier spam texts as well.

[Twitter via Engadget]

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